ST. CLOUD -- For nearly a year now the St. Cloud Holiday Inn has been undergoing a major renovation.

Scott Krause is the Vice President of Sand Hospitality. He says when the company bought the property back in January of 2017 they didn't have a definite plan. He says the Holiday Inn brand would have preferred they tear it down and build a brand new hotel, however, Sand Hospitality decided they wanted to renovate it instead and keep the tradition that families have had of going there since it opened in 1977.

Photo by's Jim Maurice

First to get renovated were the meeting rooms and event spaces. Krause says they've also added two large outdoor seating areas on the west side of the building.

The one that is right off our meeting space, it was very important for us to have this pre-function area so groups could have an outdoor reception area.  Weddings can have a reception out there, we've got a firepit.

Krause says the outdoor space on the south end has two barbecue grills for the guest to use as well as another fire pit.

Photo by's Jim Maurice

The remodel is in phases four and five right now, with 101 rooms done and 35 more to come back online in about a week.

They've also added four new family suits that can sleep up to eight people.

Photo by's Jim Maurice

Krause says the last phase of the remodeling project will be the lobby area and Legends bar.

We're keeping the stage, we're going to be having live entertainment there as well.  We're also going to be adding an area on the outside portion where we can have entertainment.  It was very important for us to keep the Legends name as well as add the outdoor space.

Krause says the outdoor patio for Legends will be built on the north side of the building. He says the new Legends will also have a new menu with craft beers and wine and craft burgers.

The lobby area will become more open with a new outdoor canopy being added as well.

The last phase of the remodel is scheduled to start in mid-October and be done by early February.

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Photo by's Jim Maurice

In the recreation area, two of the pools are done with two more to go, they are keeping the basketball and volleyball courts, and they've expanded the fitness room area.

When it is all done the Holiday Inn will have 250 completely renovated guest rooms, down from 257 previously, because they also added a second elevator to the building.

The original building was built in 1977 with add ons in the 1980s and 1990s.

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