ST. CLOUD -- St. Cloud is ready to move forward on plans for several land transactions.

St. Cloud has been working with Sartell to develop a regional mountain bike trail at Sauk River Regional Park. The proposed trail would span parkland owned by both cities lying north of the Sauk River. Sartell currently owns 13.8 acres on the south side of the river. The proposed land exchange would convey a 10.75-acre portion of Whitney Park from St. Cloud to Sartell, creating consistent ownership of the entire mountain bike trail. In exchange, St. Cloud would acquire the 13.8 acres parcel owned by Sartell. Both cities and the DNR have to approve of the land swap.

(Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON)

St. Cloud is looking to buy a portion of the former Press Bar site at 502 West St. Germain Street. The city calls it well suited to public open space. Mayor Dave Kleis confirmed the city only wants a portion of that site, about half of the lot.

Sarah Mueller, WJON

The city and District 742 have also agreed in principle to transfer the ownership of Clark Field over to the city. The city's intention is to program the existing field for youth athletics and other community events. A number of repairs and maintenance need to be done prior to the transfer.

The St. Cloud Planning Commission will discuss all three projects during their regular monthly meeting on Tuesday night.

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