ST. CLOUD -- The St. Cloud City Council approved a request in January to ask the legislature for permission to put a sales tax increase before the voters this fall. The money would go to help pay for improvements to the Municipal Athletic Complex and complete four road construction projects.

Now, St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis is recommending they hold off...

The last thing we want to do is add any additional burden onto the folks that are already burdened by the economic situation that we're in as a result of COVID-19.  It's not the time to do that.

Kleis says they are asking the legislature for a window in the next three years to have the authority to put forth a referendum, but lawmakers haven't yet addressed the issue.

The four road construction projects that are identified are...

-- 2nd/3rd Street North from 10th Avenue to Highway 15
-- 16th Street South/Traverse Road from 6th Avenue to County Road 136
-- County Road 136 from 33rd Street South to 25th Avenue
-- East St. Germain Street and Lincoln Avenue.

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