“Ya, sure, St. Cloud…we’re the worst city in Minnesota!”

Arguably one of the least exciting of our 50 states, Nebraska gained some attention this week after unveiling their new tourism slogan: "Honestly, It's Not for Everyone."

Honestly, I think it's brilliant.

I've only ever driven through Nebraska on my way to Colorado, and I don't recall there being anything memorable about it. Still, I appreciate anyone who can find the humor in their own self-deprecation.

So, taking a cue from our Husker friends, I thought we might do the same -- what's a brutally honest slogan for Minnesota, St. Cloud or where you live?

For instance, St. Cloud's could very well be "Ya, sure, St. Cloud...we're the worst city in Minnesota!" (Hey, don't shoot the messenger!)

I'm originally from Illinois, so "We're more than just Chicago!" would be more than appropriate.

Here are a few more suggestions for Central Minnesota:

Now, it's your turn! Leave a brutally honest slogan in the comment section (and don't forget to laugh at yourself!).