ST. PAUL -- Minnesota leaders gave an update Wednesday afternoon on the evolving situation in the Twin Cities and the on-going investigation into George Floyd’s death.

Governor Tim Walz has extended the curfew in Minneapolis and St. Paul once again from 10:00 p.m. until 4:00 a.m. Wednesday night and Thursday night.

Minnesota National Guard Adjutant General Major General Jon Jensen says over the course of several nights with the curfew in place, the situation on the streets has been improving. He says the number of active soldiers and airmen has now dropped down to about 5,000.

DPS Commissioner John Harrington says one of the three additional officers charged Wednesday afternoon in the death of Floyd has been taken into custody and he expects the other two to be arrested by Wednesday evening.

Harrington added that the ATF and the State Fire Marshal have begun investigating some of the arson fires that have happened over the last week and federal charges are also being pursued against people from out of state who were arrested on riot and other associated charges in the metro area.

Walz says the state’s legislature will enter a special session next week and is looking to draft bills to address long-standing systemic racism in Minnesota.

Floyd's family will be in Minneapolis on Thursday as they begin a six-day memorial across three states.

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