If you've ever been to the Minnesota State Fair then you know parking and traffic is awful. Uber has a discount code that could get you a free ride to the fairgrounds.

When you decide drive to the state fair, it's going to cost you. The parking lot gets full each day and seems like an endless walk to get into the fairgrounds. That's hardly worth it to me to pay the $14 to park near the grounds. You can park at a mall and take a shuttle bus to the fairgrounds, but that's a few bucks a person as well.

Now that Uber is a common word in Minnesota - having full service in Minneapolis, Rochester and St. Cloud, it's not odd at all to consider taking an Uber to the fair. Uber knows this and would like to book as many of their drivers during this time, so they're offering a heck of a deal for new users.

Use the promo code "MNSTATEFAIR16" when you sign up and you'll get your first ride for free up to $20! The signup link is here.

They have another deal, again for new sign ups, that gives you 30% off 2 rides between the state fair dates of August 24th and September 7th. Just use promo code "MNSTATE FAIR".

For the record, I have an Uber account and have never used them. I do, however, have plenty of friends in the St. Cloud area that use them all the time and love it. One of these days I'll fork out a couple bucks to get a ride for the heck of it.

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