MINNEAPOLIS -- With just a few days to go before the Super Bowl in Minneapolis, demand for tickets is higher than any other event ever. Stub Hub spokesman Cameron Papp says, even after our Vikings got eliminated, demand for tickets is strong.

It's higher, it is certainly more of a premium price.  We've seen it climb from last year and years before that.  Right now it's on pace to outpace last year and that would mean all time in terms of sales, demand, price and just general interest in this Super Bowl.

Papp says Pennsylvania tops the list of ticket buyers at 14 percent, followed by Massachusetts at 10.8 percent, California at 9.5 percent, and Minnesota at 9.1 percent.

There are ticket buyers in all 50 states and 18 different countries.

Papp says, as of Wednesday, the cheapest Super Bowl ticket on Stub Hub is $3,800, and the average ticket price is $5,300.

Every ticket bought through Stub Hub has to be picked up in person, so Stub Hub has a team of workers on the ground in Minneapolis this weekend getting the tickets to their owners.