According to a recent study by QuoteWizard St. Cloud drivers are not bad! In fact, we rank in the top ten when it comes to the best drivers (by city) in Minnesota!


In a recent study, QuoteWizard looked at the best and worst driving cities in the state of Minnesota as well as road conditions and incident rates based on age. We found that compared to the rest of the U.S., Minnesota lies in the 20th spot for best drivers and the 36th spot for the worst road conditions in the nation.

St. Cloud took the #9 spot in the study, behind #1 Edina, followed by White Bear Lake, Plymouth, Blaine, Brooklyn Park, Winona, New Brighton and Rosemount. St. Cloud finished the poll ahead of #10 Apple Valley.

Since moving here in 2011, I have found that folks who live in Central Minnesota seem to have a much different opinion on the area's drivers. In fact, they are often referred to as 'the worst.' Hopefully this survey puts that theory to rest.

Drew Angerer/ThinkStock
Drew Angerer/ThinkStock

There's even a popular story about a truck driver appearing on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson in the 1980's. He was supposedly asked which city in America had the worst drivers and he (allegedly) said "St. Cloud, Minnesota."  (I have searched and searched and searched for this video- or even a transcript- but I personally don't think it ever happened).

As for who are the worst drivers in Minnesota, Maplewood took the top spot followed by Oakdale, St. Louis Park, Austin, Minnetonka, Faribault, Elk River, Lino Lakes, Andover and Savage.

Apparently the St. Cloud part study didn't include this guy:

Next time you are at the local watering hole and the person next to you starts ragging on St. Cloud for being bad drivers, you look them right in the eye and tell them what QuoteWizard said: WE ARE AMONG THE BEST!

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