Camp Lebanon on Cedar Lake in Upsala is hoping to hit 5,000 home runs to raise money for projects around the facility. A few years ago, the popular summer camp built a Wiffle ball stadium, Legends Field, and they have put it to good use not only during camp sessions but also for fundraising efforts. Their Wiffle Ball 5K event is this year's big fundraiser for camp:

On Saturday, June 11th, we will start swinging and won't stop until we hit 5,000 home runs! (14-20 hours)  Our goal is to raise $6/homer ($30,000 total) so Camp Lebanon can upgrade its snow tubing hill, finish its Beaver Point Boardwalk, and pay for a new dock. It's going to take a huge team of friends to pull this off.

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Here is a cost breakdown of the $30,00 they are trying to raise:

- The first $10,000 will fully fund upgrades to Camp's snow tubing hill. Lights, tow rope, reshaping, extending the hill, and more. The goal of the tubign hill upgrade is to provide more ministry outreach.

-  The remaining $20,000 will help Camp buy a new "F" shaped dock. The old dock is in major need of replacement. (The old dock will be repurposed to finish Camp's Beaver Point Boardwalk.)

This event will be live streamed on the Camp Lebanon Facebook page so you can check in throughout the day to see how the event is going, and what the total homerun count is at.

The goal is to fundraise $6 per homerun hit in Legends Field. Feel like chipping in and covering the cost of a homer, or a few? There is a link to donate online that you can find here. 

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