Comedy Night happens at Benton Station this Saturday with Mike Brody and Wayne Burfeind followed by live music from Midwest Mayhem out of Minneapolis. Listen to win tickets for Comedy Night every week.

This week's headliner is Mike Brody

Starting comedy on a whim at an open mic in the year 2000, Mike has since devoted his life to perfecting the delivery of his high-energy act. His genuine passion for his craft draws audience members into the unique world of Mike Brody: An affable, clever guy whose life is often derailed by his own neurotic, obsessive-compulsive and clumsy tendencies. Mike has hosted ten episodes of the Minneapolis TV series The Buzz. He is the official event comedian.

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The featured comedian is Wayne Burfeind

Wayne Burfeind has a happily jaded approach combined with Contemporary observations spiked with an eye for the ridiculous. His stage persona is some amiable and unassuming, you won't notice how far into left field he's taken you, until you're already there.



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