This story caught my attention last week and just felt compelled to share my opinion on the topic. This story surfaced last Wednesday evening, and it made me feel bad for Christine Hemsworth. This lady walked into the Elk River Arby's, a place she has visited several times for dinner with her two sons and daughter. On her way into Arby’s she noticed a sign on the door that read:

"Notice: Only well behaved children who can keep their food on their trays and their bottoms on their seats are welcome. If you can't do this you will be asked to leave. Thanks"

"I was like 'oh gosh,'" Hemsworth said. "I've got a two-year-old with me and he doesn't always keep his fries on the tray or sit on his bottom on the seat. He sometimes stands up." I totally get where she is coming from as a parent of two small children. That would make any parent uncomfortable.

Hemsworth said "I was shocked to find a sign like that," she said. "It is a fast food restaurant, it's not something with white tablecloths. It's supposed to be family-oriented as far as I knew." I couldn’t agree more with her.

Elk River is my hometown. I think it was rude to have a notice on the door that bold. I am not saying, it’s okay for my kids to throw food around or it’s cool if they run around. Just doesn’t give you a good feeling. I would not allow my kids to run around and bother people eating, but it’s a fast food restaurant. A family friendly place, it’s not like it is fine dining. It is one place, most parents feel comfortable bringing their little ones to teach them proper dining etiquette.

KARE 11 reached out to Arby's corporate for a comment about the notice. They sent this statement in reply:

“We recognize the language on this sign was insensitive. We removed it quickly, and have disciplined the manager and team working at the restaurant. It does not reflect our company values and the family-friendly environment we aim to provide in all of our restaurants.” 

I am glad to see something is being done about this and the company taking a stand.


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