When it's cold enough to build an igloo, you might as well do it. A mom in Elk River has created a super fun rainbow-colored igloo in her family's yard.

Using 60 aluminum sheet pans from Costco, Tawnya Lynn froze ice every day, making some plain water-colored blocks of ice, as well as ones with food coloring added. She would freeze water overnight in the pans, Tawnya Lynn shared in the comments of the video:

It took about 15 hours to build. Worked a few hours each day filling the pans and making slurry. Only had 60 pans so had to let them freeze overnight. I’m a teacher so had the week off and did this instead of cleaning and shopping like a normal person.

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The blocks are held together with a mortar of water and snow mixed together to be sticky. The igloo is large enough for a couple of adults to sit in, and they even put an outdoor table and chairs inside of it for relaxing.

The comments were flooded with people excited to see the process of building the igloo, and generally expressing how awesome this project was. Minnesota winters can be long and cold, but there's always a way to make things fun and exciting.

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