Formerly "Falls Cinema", The Falls Theater in Little Falls is undergoing some major changes.

The business shared an update on the changes being made on Facebook:

On September 28, the crane moved into place in front of The Falls Theatre, and the crew from Herzog Roofing replaced our roof and the roofs of two of our neighbors. They were terrific and now the Theatre has a secure roof so that we can start work on the interior.

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Work on the interior is set to begin November 1st, but this won't be the remodeling project you might be expecting. Instead of making it a modern and future-forward theater, the changes that are being made will bring it back to the beginning. The remodel will include the removal of the current concession stand, as well as the removal of other "modern" things in the building. The goal of the project is to make the theater look very similar to the way it did when it opened in June of 1933.

I grew up seeing movies at this theater, and I love that they are traveling back in time with the changes they are making. Futuristic things only stay "top of the line" until the next best thing comes around. Restoring the theater to its original glory not only is a great dose of nostalgia but also feels like preserving history, while still enjoying it.

The Falls Theater has been documenting the progress of this remodel on its Facebook page, so be sure to follow along there to see how the project is taking shape inside.

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