It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of The Fabulous Armadillos. I’ve written extensively on the majesty of their Pink Floyd tribute show (which, sadly, they won’t be doing again until 2019.)

When I was attending Town Square Media’s Christmas party last weekend (seriously, who has their Christmas party in April?) I passed a tall, middle aged figure with long hair as I was bringing some drinks back to my table. I knew the guy’s face from a mile away. He was one of the vocalists of The Armadillos. Of course, I had to run up to him and say hello.

I was fan-boying pretty hard. He crushed my hopes and dreams when he told me they wouldn’t be performing their annual Pink Floyd show this year, but lifted my spirits again when he said they would be performing a new show this year at Pioneer Place. “Flying Solo” is a tribute to artists who left the bands they started in to pursue a solo career.

You can get your tickets online now for $37 and the show will be running from June 4th - June 15th. If you haven’t seen the Armadillos yet, I definitely recommend checking them out. They are without a doubt the most talented band around St. Cloud.

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