These songs 90s were big songs in Central Minnesota, but there's a good chance you haven't heard them for a long time.

I spent at least seven years, from that decade, either hearing those songs or playing them -- a lot. Whether it was night clubs, school dances, or radio stations, it seems like I played almost every single song from that decade.

There are songs from the 1990s that continue getting airplay on radio stations to this day. But when you think about the sheer number of songs that we heard during that decade, the percentage of songs that saw much longevity, after they were hits, is pretty small.

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So here are five songs that were very popular in the St. Cloud area that you might not have heard in about 20 - 30 years. Let's see how well you remember them.

The Lost 90s: St Cloud Hits You've Forgotten About [Vol. 1]


Jennifer Paige - "Crush"

Billboard Hot 100: #3 - 1998

Supposedly written about Joey Fatone from N' Sync (they were dating) but apparently not true. So who knows, but I'm betting it was the N' Sync dude.


Sister Hazel - "All For You"

Billboard Hot 100: #11 - 1997

After having one of those 'false starts' that some groups have, they recovered and re-recorded this song on their second album. It's been their signature song ever since.


Martin Page - "In The House Of Stone and Light"

Billboard Hot 100: #14 - 1995

"In The House Of Stone and Light" was the only hit record for Martin Page (Q-Feel), at least in terms of songs he sang. Behind the scenes, Martin either produced, wrote, or composed a lot of hit songs such as "These Dreams," "We Built This City."


KLF - "3 A.M. Eternal"

Billboard Hot 100: #5 - 1991

KLF was a brief part of the house/techno scene as it was starting to rise in the U.S., and shortly after their first and only hit, they shut it down for good.


SWV - "Right Here"

Billboard Hot 100: #6 - 1993

After having a #1 hit, Sisters With Voices sampled the very popular MJ record, and it gave them another hit song.


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