The Mandalorian wound down its first season on Disney+ in impressive, satisfying fashion today. And Disney and Lucasfilm had already announced the show would be back for a second season. But series creator and producer Jon Favreau revealed today after The Mandalorian finale that the show’s second season will premiere on Disney+ next fall.

He announced the news in a tweet that also seemed to hint at a character that we can expect to see next season...

That’s a Gamorrean, a race that was first introduced as Jabba the Hutt’s guards in Return of the Jedi. There’s no guarantee we might be headed back to Jabba’s palace — remember, this series is set after Return of the Jedi when Jabba is already dead — but that could be an interesting location for an episode. (And The Mandalorian has already done an episode returning to an iconic Star Wars location, when Mando’s travels took him to the Tatooine cantina.)

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Or we could just see a bunch of Gamorreans next year! Either way, The Mandalorian Season 1 finale — which is streaming now on Disney+ — has us very excited to see where the story goes in Season 2. Bring it on.

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