Just like the real world, almost all of the cinematic world is currently on pause. Every big movie expected to open in April, May, and most of June has been pushed back months or even a year. Marvel fans anticipating the start of Phase Four of the MCU will now have to wait until November, when Black Widow opens in theaters. James Bond nerds desperate to find out how Daniel Craig’s 007 winds down his espionage career won’t get their answer until November at the earliest. And if you wanted to know how the Ghostbusters’ proton packs wound up in rural Oklahoma, that information will remain a mystery until next March’s premiere of Ghostbusters: Afterlife.

This collective state of mass suspense — and our anxiety about when or even if it will be resolved — got us thinking about the cinematic universes of our current moviegoing era that left viewers with unanswered questions that still haven’t been resolved. That inspired the following list of dangling plot threads that will keep right on dangling long after the pandemic ends and theatrical releases resume. With a little luck, we’ll get to see how Black Widow and James Bond’s stories end. But the ten films below will probably keep pissing us off for the rest of our lives. (Keep in mind, if you haven’t seen these movies, these probably qualify as spoilers.)

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