Here's an example of results that are not regurgitated data from billions of search topics in Google. It's a 'true' website poll that asked people what is their favorite food item in each state.

Buzzfeed, a popular website for just about everything under the sun, asked their readers what their state's favorite food item is. They wanted to see how different it was from what The Food Channel reported for each state, and it turns out it was VERY different!

For instance, Minnesota's favorite food was "hotdish". Well, all of us Minnesotans know that the term "hotdish" can go a hundred different ways. It's kind of like "chips"...there's a huge variety of them. Personally I think "tater tot hot dish" would be the most popular hotdish if it was narrowed down.

I wonder how many people from Minnesota actually took Buzzfeed's poll, because they named the most popular food in Minnesota as the Jucy Lucy.

Let me just say this -- just because Guy Fieri (Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives) spotlighted "The Nook" in St. Paul for their version of the Jucy Lucy, and plenty of other articles that have spotlighted the rivalry between Matt's Bar and 5-8 Club in the Twin Cities, both who claim to have invented the Jucy Lucy in the 1950's...doesn't mean that it's the most popular food in Minnesota. It's just that the entire country saw Guy's episode and think we're all ordering these cheese-stuffed hamburgers around the state.

Let's show Buzzfeed and The Food Channel what ACTUAL Minnesotans, who actually live and eat here everyday, feel is the most popular food in Minnesota. Please tell us what your favorite go-to food is!

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