It has been a long summer waiting for this reopening announcement to be made. The Red Barn Dairy Queen on Hwy 10 in St. Cloud is finally reopening today after a major remodel.

The good news was shared in a message posted on Facebook:

The good news was met with loads of likes, shares, and comments from happy customers excited to return to the iconic DQ location. Lots of "yes!!" comments, sparkly stickers, and GIFs of people doing happy dances peppered the comment section. It's safe to say, it's been a long summer and people want their ice cream from the red barn on Hwy 10.

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This construction project has been a long work in progress. Back in mid-April, the Red Barn Dairy Queen's Facebook page shared an update on the project:

Just in time for the dog days of summer, we can now pull off HWY 10 for a delicious Dairy Queen treat. Perfect timing if you ask me! It just wouldn't be summer without the iconic roadside restaurant in our area.

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