Potholes. You can count on them like you can count on it being cold during the winter, or fighting off mosquito's in the summer.

The city fixes them...they pop up (actually down) somewhere else ...they fix those...and on and on the cycle goes. It's the circle of life...for roads.

Minnesotans typically deal with the pothole problem begrudgingly. We bitch and complain and try to navigate our cars around them, like it's some kind of obstacle course. Our shocks suffer endlessly, and we hope that if we hit one, it's not the one that sets our bank account back a bit.

I get that potholes happen and I can handle it. Well, that is, until they go on way too long without being fixed. And when they don't, other potholes sprout like a weeds all around them. The next thing you know, you and your car are doing the whole 'House Of Pain - Jump Around' thing.

The reason this whole "pothole" thing came to mind is that my son and I were driving north on Waite Ave, from 2nd Street towards Division, and the right lane (next to the old Shopko) was insane. It was a "how the hell does it get to this bad" level. And if I suffer, I know we all are so, let's all help. Try to keep pothole off our streets. If you see something, say something. Report Potholes.