Super Bowl LII (52) is coming this Sunday to Minneapolis. There's a TON of things that are important to know about this year's Super Bowl, and this infographic tells it all! Everything from the cost of U.S. Bank Stadium, to the total cost to Minneapolis to host the big game, to the economic impact here in Minnesota.

Some quick facts that I found very interesting from Wallethub's infographic:

  • U.S. Bank paid $220 million for the naming rights to the stadium. It worked out well for them since they have worldwide exposure for the Super Bowl being hosted here so quickly after it was built.
  • The number of hotel rooms available in downtown Minneapolis is 8.6 thousand. That amount of rooms is up 93% from 1992, when Minneapolis last held a Super Bowl in the Metrodome.
  • There will be 125 thousand out-of-town visitors this weekend for the game and events surrounding it. A total of 1 million people is expected to be in downtown Minneapolis for the Super Bowl event on Sunday.

There's a ton of really cool fun facts about this year's Super Bowl event in the infographic, so be sure and check it out!

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