Minnesota has been labeled as a little different than the rest of the country. Whether you hate it or not, you have to admit that some things we inadvertently do are odd.

Here's some of the unwritten rules we follow but have no idea "why", other than that was what we were taught and we just stick with them.

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    Face forward in elevators

    We have a thing with our backs to the door, so naturally an elevator is going to force us to stand facing forward to the door. People standing behind us also make us nervous, but we'd rather still face the doors. Try standing with your back to the door once, you'll go crazy.

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    Bikinis in public, but no bra & panties

    Bikinis generally have much less material than a bra and panties. Our plethora of lakes and pools are full of women wearing bikinis, and everybody is fine with that. At a lake party girls can wear a bikini all day and night, yet it's risqué and socially unacceptable to walk around in a bra and panties?

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    Knocking on real wood

    When you say "I've never...", you're doomed if you don't knock on wood immediately after saying that. It has to be REAL wood too, not a laminate top on a desk or counter. Paper doesn't count either, even though that's made out of wood technically.

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    Making sure you see me tip you

    For some reason, when there's a tip jar, we really need you to see that we put a tip in it. If you don't see it then we feel uneasy for a while. If you can't see us putting the tip in the jar, we'll make sure and make it very clear in other ways that we slid some money in the jar. At a restaurant it's totally different, we don't want you to see what we tipped until we leave. Admit it, it's very true.

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    Turning down the radio when we slow down

    As we pull up to a stop light, or into the driveway, we turn the radio down to a softer volume. Some would say they can't think when the radio's up that loud, yet going down the highway at 70 MPH with the radio blasted is fine? You'd assume we'd want to be able to think even more at that speed. I think since our parents did that, we do too, and most of us don't realize we do it.