There is still a full week left of the Minnesota State Fair! With all the fun foods, rides and games, a trip the the Great Minnesota Get Together can get pretty expensive pretty quickly. Last week Twin Cities Live decided to try the $50 Fair Challenge.

Basically members of the show had only $50 to use on food, fashion, and fun at the fair. You might be surprised at how far that money will take you!

A couple of thrifty highlights from the video:

- Blue Ribbon Coupon Book: it is only $5 and can save you money all over the fair!

- Pronto Pups: they never disappoint and are only $4.

- International Bizarre: a great place to go for fun and unique items.

I am totally going to try this challenge when I go to the fair this week! If you try it out let us know how it goes and how you spent your money!

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