I would bet actually, real money, that everyone in Minnesota could rattle off a massive list of things that would make the thought of a weekend exciting.

We were curious as to what the most popular responses would be.

Not surprisingly, 'sleeping in' was a popular answer.

"Sleep in", "Sleeping in!!", "not getting up early"

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This answer was also popular, which ties into the last one a little bit.

"Not having to work", "not going to work", "no workee"

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A popular response was anything to do with freedom of choice.

"More free time," "Getting projects done," "Getting to pick my responsibilities."

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It's not surprising that a lot of people referred to the lake; it is Minnesota.

"Enjoying life with loved ones at the lake", "Spending time at the lake"

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There are always funny, sarcastic, or strange answers.

(Sometimes it's a combo of all of them)


"What's "weekend?"

I feel this person's pain. The week's blend together with work. Thank god for calendars.

"To get away from people."

If COVID hasn't been enough of a break from people for you, you got some serious issues.

But the most unique, funny, and strange answer we got, was amazingly detailed (I think one of my co-workers gave this answer because it could be me that they're referring to):

"Two days away from my micro-managing boss, who treats us all like children, even though we’re adults. Seriously, his wife must dread the weekends!"


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