Note to self - Keep the animal head costumes at home when riding my motorcycle on Minnesota roads. It was attempted and highly unsuccessful recently.

The Minnesota State Patrol posted this photo on their Facebook page about the 'panda headed motorcyclist'...

As you can see from the comments in their post, there's some debate on this. Helmets aren't required for licensed riders, and he did have a helmet on under the panda head. The head was also confiscated, which is also being argued about.

If you're wondering, the motorcyclist wasn't me. There's been multiple incidents where I've been part of an 'animal-headed' evening with friends, but hopping on a motorcycle hasn't ever crossed my mind. Driving on a golf cart wearing an animal head on the other hand, yes. Legal or not? Who knows, but it wasn't on a public road.

Animal heads
Animal heads are so fun!

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