A Southern Minnesota bridge is now being monitored for 'stability' after a dam near the bridge was breached, causing massive amounts of debris and dirt to be washed downstream, and causing the bridge supports to be uncovered. The local Sheriff's Office has shut the bridge down to all vehicles and people while it's being monitored.

The Blue Earth County Sheriff's Office posted about the change to social media regarding the County Road 9 bridge, located near the Rapidan Dam.

Rapidan Dam/Flooding Update for July 2, 2024:

Governor Tim Walz, State Legislators, and staff from the offices of Senators Klobuchar and Smith visited the Dam today and were able to speak with County Commissioners and staff about the situation.

Blue Earth County Public Works, Emergency Management and Sheriff’s Office continue to monitor the Rapidan Dam situation. Conversations with MnDOT Bridge Office, Army Corps of Engineers, and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to discuss the dam, river channel, and bridge alternatives are ongoing. Late last week, contractors began shoring up the west pier of the County Road 9 bridge with riprap as an emergency mitigation strategy to avoid further exposure at the base of the pier. The riprap remains in place and the bridge remains closed as we continue to monitor it for stability.

Over the past week and throughout this week, the County has allowed the public to park vehicles and walk on County Road 9 to view the dam, river, and park from the east side of the river. Starting Saturday, July 6, no vehicle traffic will be permitted past County Road 9 and Calvary Lutheran Church cemetery entrance. Visitors going past the fenced perimeter will be cited by law enforcement. State HWY 169 and County Road 9 on the west side of the Dam is closed, except for local traffic. Barricades and road closure signs will be present and trespassing laws will be enforced.

Blue Earth County is collecting reports of property (including businesses) damaged by the recent flood event. Damage occurring since June 16, 2024, should be reported to the County by completing the Property Damage Report online:


If Blue Earth County residents have sandbags they would like to dispose of, they can be taken to the Blue Earth County Public Works facility at 35 Map Drive, Mankato. There is a drop-off location located at the front of the building and it will be open 24/7, including weekends. Residents are asked to empty the sandbags onsite and dispose of the bag in the container provided.

Post picture credit: Governor Tim Walz's Office

The bridge even made some national news this week when ABC News wrote about its possible failure. 

Regretfully it seems Southern Minnesota has been seeing more rain, and there is more in the forecast, which isn't wanted right now, with all the flooding.

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