Just in case you are thinking "Man my job stinks." I have a story for you.

Someone on Reddit posted a photo of their crazy office bathroom policy. If they take longer than 10 minutes, someone goes in after them to do a "SMELL CHECK". Smell Check, you have to be kidding me?!? Just to check and make sure they really went #2 and not just playing on their phone.

If you were listening to David & Alli In The Morning on 96.7 The River we talked about how awkward this policy would be. I personally find it aggressive and rude. I can't believe any office would think this is a good idea. And who would be the one enforcing it. I would never go #2 at work. I like to do that at home if at all possible. If it was an emergency I would for sure. If my office was doing a "smell check" I would for sure never be doing the business at work.

The sign on the bathroom door says, "If in bathroom for more than 10 minutes, a smell check will be completed to ensure employee [was] not sitting on [their] phone. If it does not stink, employee's name will be reported to [the] office."
Who could actually get written up or fired over pretending to go to the bathroom. And who would be the one doing the smell check. That sounds like a terrible job.
So, just in case you think your job stinks. Think again it could always be worse.


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