Prince and the Metrodome. Two beloved Minnesota institutions that were taken from us way too soon.

Prince had so many memorable moments in his career. Who could forget his iconic halftime performance at Super Bowl XLI, where he played 'Purple Rain' in the rain!?

(The NFL has blocked embedding of this video on our site, presumably because they are struggling financially and cannot be deprived of the clicks they would have received on YouTube. You can see the performance AT THIS LINK.)

A video of Prince warming up for a gig at the 1991 Special Olympics at the Metrodome in Minneapolis has been making the rounds on social media lately. Viewers are noting just how good Prince and his band sound during the performance despite it essentially being a practice.

Reddit User Squiggy1975:

Lol. His sound checks blow most other artist out of the water when they doing the real show. The talent and virtuosity of this cat was out of hand. I went down the Prince rabbit hole a few weeks ago and as a fan of music and many artists and genres , I think this guy is arguably one of the most talented and best to do it..he was on that level. Most artists do one thing real good, he did all things exceptional.. sing, dance, write, compose , play like 20 instruments, swagger and style…FREAK


Prince at the Metrodome! Could there be anything more Minnesotan?

The Metrodome was sadly taken from us in 2013, while Prince tragically passed away too soon in 2016. But for one magical moment they were united in Minnesota history.

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