Are you sick of Alexa's voice? Are you looking for something different? There's good news for you...and me. Samuel L. Jackson is here.

That's right. Amazon is taking a hard left turn when it comes to adding a different voice option for your Amazon Alexa device.

It will only cost you 99 cents if you get it before the end of the year. After that, it's $4.99.  And it comes in a CLEAN and EXPLICIT version. But really...what's the point of having the "clean" version?

Amazon is adding new technology to make Alexa sound smoother and more natural. We'll see how good it is. They also said there are more celebrities coming. I'm curious as to who they might be.

So...if you get Samuel L Jackson to be your new "Alexa" voice, how do you address it? Do you call out Sam!? Samuel!? Jackson!? Or do you still say Alexa and his voice answers? That would be weird.

iStock / Getty Images Plus
iStock / Getty Images Plus