I love having friends over and entertaining. Whether it be birthday celebrations, card club night, or just friends or family gatherings I love coming up with new ideas to put out for people to munch on. But if you’re stick of the same old cheese and cracker boards, I have an awesome idea for your next party.

‘Fries Boards’ are emerging as the hot new entertaining craze of 2020, with people putting together amazing grazing platters. The fries boards look awesome. I can see it along with a crockpot full of Sweetish meatballs and a veggie tray. Maybe even a sweet treat. Seriously, who doesn't enjoy french fries.


This would be a dream come true for potato lovers! It’s an appetizer that isn’t too time consuming or expensive to put together. Just buy a selection of your favorite fries from your supermarket, pop them in the oven, air fryer or deep fryer and place them in their various groups on a platter once they’re cooked. Don’t forget the dipping sauces.

The platters are already winning over thousands of fans since images of Fries Boards started going viral. I bet a lot of football game gatherings, birthday parties or just any excuse to get together.

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