The more you know. Turns out it is totally legal to go biking topless in some Minnesota towns. There is a Minneapolis woman who is raising awareness about body positivity, equal rights, and general knowledge of the laws in our state.

Kare 11 covered a story this week on Helena Howard, the woman who is leading this conversation. She was cited last year for being topless at a Minneapolis beach (sunbathing while laying on her stomach). This lead to Helena to seeking out what was and wasn't allowed when it comes to being clothed in Minneapolis. In her research to fight the citation she was given, she found that the state of Minnesota doesn't say it's illegal for a female to be topless.

She took to her bike topless on paths near, but not in, Minneapolis parks to prove to people it is legal and make people think. She told Kare 11:

I just want people to know that it's legal and also make people think about why it's weird to them or why they think it's not acceptable. I don't think it's all that different from a man being topless. I also want to fight the sexualization of breasts and female bodies. I think it would be a safer place if female bodies could just exist without being objectified.

This prompted me to check the park rules list for St. Cloud and none of them mention anything about clothing. So I guess it is technically legal in St. Cloud too?

I know I won't be biking topless anytime soon, I don't have a bike. But I do stand behind Helena's statement about making the world a safer place by not objectifying women and their bodies. Helena did offer her contact information for questions people may have, she can be reached at

Check out the story Kare 11 wrote here.

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