This weekend of baseball was everything we thought it would be. It was an edge of your seat, anything can happen weekend. And that's because there were so many possibilities.

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The Minnesota Twins were locked into the playoffs going into the weekend -- it was just a matter of where they ended up. It could have been anywhere from AL Central division winners with a #2 seed, to a wild card team.

It wasn’t a good weekend for our boys of summer. The Twins lost two out three games to the Cincinnati Reds -- but yet -- still won the AL Central with the Chicago White Sox and the Cleveland Indians within a game or two. That’s because the White Sox were swept by the Cubs and the Indians surprisingly choked and lost two out of three to the horrible Pittsburg pirates.

You could say the Twins sort of backed into the AL Central Championship.

But that’s all in the past. The Minnesota Twins won the AL Central and are the #3 seed -- the playoffs are set – and we know that the Houston Astros will be coming to Target Field. Getting the Astros is good for three reasons.

  1. It’s not the Yankees. And no matter if you thought “bring on the Yankees”, I don’t think I could take a first-round exit again by the New York Twins Eliminators.
  2. The Astros are not a great team and won't having any banging trash cans to help them.
  3. We know that most of the nation will be cheering for the Twins against the Houston Cheaters.

The best of three series starts Tuesday with the first pitch at 1 pm. Game two is Wednesday at 12 pm.

Is there is one big, positive thing that can come out this COVID year, it would the Minnesota Twins winning the world series -- even if there's an asterisk attached to it.

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