Minnesota is a big summer destination for people who live out of state. If you've never been here, this is your 'must have' list of things to pack to fit right into Minnesota.

Some of the most beautiful weather and scenery is in Minnesota during the summer, and that's why so many people pick our land of 10,000 lakes to take a summer vacation.

Of course you want to fit in, but also want to have some "Minnesota" specific essentials to make your stay that much better. This list will help with that!

  • Bug spray - when dusk arrives, so do mosquitoes, and they can get pretty big. This is a must to have on hand when the sun starts to go down. It's important to make sure it contains an effective ingredient called "DEET", otherwise they'll still get at you.
  • Swim suit - When we say 10,000 lakes, that's an understatement. There's actually more than that. Tons of beaches and swimming pools to keep cool during our warm summer. If you thought Minnesota is always cold, you're wrong, our summers are amazing.
  • Camping gear - We love camping in our great outdoors. There's a ton of campgrounds and state parks. The further north you go, the more beautiful and rustic it gets.
  • Proper footwear - There are hundreds of miles of walking trails in Minnesota, both in the larger cities and our state parks. We've also got the Mall of America here. If you plan to visit that, you'll walk for miles trying to see everything inside. If you're going to go to a state park for a nice hike, wear shoes that are suitable for different terrain.
  • Hoodie or sweatshirt - It's pretty common for our summer days to be in 80's and sometimes 90's, but at night it can get into the 50's. Having a warmer shirt or light jacket will not only keep you warm at night, but it will also protect you from those massive mosquitoes.

Again, these are the "must haves" for your trip to Minnesota. Being without any of these will instantly make you feel like you forgot something. If you do forget something, you can guarantee most any store in Minnesota stocks all of these things!

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