Players on many NFL teams are not standing for the National Anthem as protest for what NFL player Colin Kaepernick says are wrongdoings against African Americans and minorities in the U.S. On Saturday Donald Trump caused a stir with a divisive tweet. Here's how Vikings ownership responded.



Today Minnesota Vikings ownership expressed their feelings on the issue:

Professional sports offer a platform unlike any other, a platform that can bring people from a variety of backgrounds together to impact positive change in our society. As owners, it is our job to foster an environment that recognizes and appreciates diversity of thought and encourages using this platform in a constructive manner. Rather than make divisive statements, we believe in promoting thoughtful, inspiring conversation that unifies our communities. We are proud of our players, coaches and staff for the important role they play in our community, and we fully support their constitutional right to respectfully and peacefully express their beliefs. – Zygi and Mark Wilf and the entire Wilf family

Skol Vikings!

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