Tattoos are those things that you might take some time to decide what you would actually like permanently inked on your body.  What you want, and where is also a big decision.

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Well, take all of those questions out of the equation, and if you are a huge Timberwolves fan... or at least a huge Naz Reid fan, you might want to get in on this action.

Beloved Studios in Roseville, Minnesota is offering Naz Reid tattoos for just twenty bucks.  Absolutely no joke.  However, you have no choice on what it will look like.  There is only one choice for that, but the placement on your body is totally up to you.

From KARE 11:

"I think they were built for this moment," said JC Stroebel. "What an amazing story it will be when they win four in a row and go to the Finals."

He certainly hopes so. Stroebel has spent the past three weeks cranking out nothing but $20 "Naz Reid" tattoos, following an offer he made, half-jokingly, on

He also mentioned that he had his first butt tattoo on a client.  You know, if you're not quite sure of where to put this tattoo, that works.  Also, Beloved studios has tattoo removal services as well.  That is, if you decide that this was a huge mistake.  Hopefully not.  Wolves kept the series alive, but every game from here on is a "must win".  One down, 3 to go.

And by the way, when the Wolves season is over, so is this $20 tattoo deal.  So, if you really want to show your permanent support... make an appointment now.  Here is Beloved Studios contact info.  

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