Back in the day, fast food was for The Poors. Well, and The Lazies. If there was anything we could count on, it was cheap eats at Mickey D's or B.K.

But ever since greedflation took the world by storm, fast food has become a luxury that we Poors are cutting back on...along with concert tickets, vehicles with less than 100,000 miles on them, clothes that aren't from thrift stores, groceries, apartments with fewer vermin than roommates CHOAD RAGE ACTIVATE.

Fast Food...a Luxury?

Don't get me wrong: fast food shouldn't be a daily source of sustenance. Even the 'healthy' fast food is usually loaded with salt. But the price should never be a deterrent.

A survey by LendingTree (???) saw 78% of respondents saying that fast food is now a luxury because of how expensive they've become: up to 200% more expensive than five years ago.

It's Time to Stop Defending Daddy Corporation

Inflation is a very real thing and the pandemic on top of the Russian invasion of Ukraine made it worse. But here's a hard truth: record corporate profits = greedflation.

The biggest offenders were energy companies, but food producers jumped onto the price gouging bandwagon, too.

If you're an unapologetic capitalism apologist, you should be concerned, too: an economist has warned, "...we may be looking at the end of capitalism."

When capitalists are sounding the alarm about capitalism being in danger, try to pay attention.

H/T: Fox 9


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