If the next time you go out to eat at a local restaurant and your selection isn't available chances are that food item is caught up in a strike between Teamsters Local Union 705, and U.S. Foods. On Monday night in Becker, a restaurant was informing customers that turkey and waffle fries weren't available due to the strike.

The Teamsters Union announced the strike on their social media page earlier this week.

Dear Brothers, Sisters, and Allies Nationwide,

In an unprecedented move, starting January 8, 2024, at 12:01 am Teamsters Local 705 is extending our strike line across the country, signaling the launch of a national campaign against US Foods. This drastic action comes in response to US Foods' blatant bad faith bargaining, coupled with their disgraceful decision to hoard profits, diminish healthcare, and compromise the safety of the very drivers who have been pivotal in achieving record profits for the company. It's a harsh revelation of their agenda: to hoard these profits for their executives and management, completely disregarding the drivers who are the backbone of their success. This is not just disappointing; it is disgusting.

US Foods' Unfair Tactics:

- Wage: For the last two years our members drove US Foods to record profits, and now US Foods repays them hoarding the profits for executives and blatantly ignoring our drivers' hard work and dedication. This isn't just stalling or bad faith bargaining; it's an outright assault on our drivers' worth.

- Healthcare at Risk: The health of our drivers and their families is not a bargaining chip. US Foods is aggressively attempting to slash the healthcare benefits we fought for, offloading more costs onto our drivers. Once again, they choose profits over the well-being of those who sustain them.

- Safety Standards Ignored: US Foods preaches safety but they fail to practice it. US Foods wants to determine what constitutes a ‘serious accident,’ granting themselves the sole power to terminate drivers on questionable grounds. This isn't about safety; it's about exerting control over the drivers.

The Strike: This isn't just about us in Chicago. Starting January 8 at 12:01 am, our strike is a call to action across the country. We’re standing up to US Foods' exploitation and corporate greed, and we’re asking everyone to support us across the country. It’s time to show US Foods and the world that we demand and deserve respect at the table and fairness when we are the drivers of their record profits.

Our Unity and Strength: This strike is our statement to US Foods and corporate America: The exploitation of workers for executive gain is intolerable. We demand our fair share of the profits, recognition of our labor, and assurance of our rights. As Teamsters Local 705, we call upon every worker, supporter, and ally to join us in this fight for justice. We will not be silenced. We will not back down. United, we will prevail.

On Tuesday Fox 9 in the Twin Cities reported about the strike and the effects it was having on local eateries. The strike is also affecting other cities and states including schools in Indiana. 

According to Fox 9 "At this time, we are working diligently to mitigate any potential disruptions for our valued customers who are serviced from this facility," a US Foods spokesperson told FOX 9.

It's currently unclear how far away the sides are in their negotiations for a new contract with the Local Teamster Union 705.

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