I love decorating for the holidays. Being a Minnesota girl I always get excited for the holiday decorations, snowfall, and Christmas lights. The day after Thanksgiving I have all my decorations up and I am ready to go.

I can't imagine having so much money that I could decorate without a budget. Getting extravagant decorations would be a dream come true. I think I would leave them up all year round. Just so everyday would feel like Christmas. Plus, it would take so much work putting them up and I would more than likely, need a few storage unit or two just to pack them away.

Photo Via Twitter @ Melania Trump “The Spirit of America”
Photo Via Twitter @ Melania Trump
“The Spirit of America”

I saw a video on Twitter of the White House Holiday Decorations and had to click on it. It was so amazing I had to to share. From the hallways filled with large snowflakes to the massive Christmas tree.

This video shows you around the White House this Holiday Season.

I can't believe the amount of effort and money it would take for all of these decorations. Just looks like a wonderland.

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