This actually would have made a good job for Superman. Alas.

According to multiple reports, “due to coronavirus concerns,” Warner Bros. decided to cancel the New York premiere of Superman: Red Son, the company’s new animated feature based on the critically acclaimed miniseries about the Man of Steel written by Kick-Ass and Wanted’s Mark Millar.

To date, more than 90 people in the United States have been infected with the novel coronavirus. New York’s first case, according to CNN, is a newly diagnosed “39-year-old health care worker who had recently returned from Iran.” She is currently in “home isolation” with her husband. In announcing the news, Governor Andrew Cuomo said “We will have more cases, we will have community spread. That is inevitable,” but added “You can't let the fear outpace reality.”

Here is a trailer for the film, which stars Jason Isaacs as the voice of a Superman who grows up in the Soviet Union instead of Kansas:

Despite the canceled premiere, Superman: Red Son is already available on on Digital HD; the Blu-ray goes on sale on March 17.

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