My wife recently fell down the video hole online and found herself watching -- of all things -- videos of unusual and artsy-fartsy ways to cut a watermelon.

In the first video my wife showed me, a woman cuts a watermelon off the rind and then in slices with dental floss.

Yes, you read that right -- dental floss.

I'm not sure why you would ever cut a watermelon this way unless, perhaps, you had forgotten a knife or any sharp object but did happen to have dental floss in your pocket.

In the second video my wife showed me, people cut watermelons in a compilation of rather artsy -- and even mesmerizing -- ways.

If I'd seen these in time for 4th of July, I would have passed them on sooner. Fortunately there's plenty of summer and watermelon season left to practice for yourself!

Also, be sure to let me know how the dental floss thing works out for you...I'm still pretty skeptical about its practicality.