Several NFL players including MN Viking's Stefon Diggs left the field for a good-natured game of Celebrity Family Feud Sunday night.

Teams were divided by National Football League Players Association Veterans -- led by Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Gerald McCoy -- and Rookies -- led by Chicago Bears' rookie Mitch Trubisky. Diggs played for the Veterans and, during a "Fast Money" segment, stole the show when he gave an unintentionally hilarious answer.

"Finish this phrase," asks host Steve Harvey, "'Leave it...' what?"


The studio audience and Digg's teammates immediately erupt into laughter, and Harvey himself loses it. Diggs just looks confused, as if he has no idea what a sexual innuendo is or that he just made one.

After regaining his composure, Harvey turns back to the board to see what the survey said: 0 points.

Despite the missed opportunity, Diggs did go on to give the number one answer to the final question for a total score of 244 and winning his team $25,000 to go towards the Professional Athletes Foundation.

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