Summer means there is lots of mowing going on. And it matters where your mower throws those grass clippings. I did not know this was a big deal.

Most people know that you can't rake your leaves into the street. Those leaves can lead to plugged up drains, and that can cause significant problems. Your freshly mowed grass can add to that as well. Plus, your cut grass can help your lawn grow.

But a more pressing reason to stop putting your grass on to the street -- motorcyclists. I have a couple of friends that are big-time Harley's riders. They brought the grass on the roads up, and they said it's a real thing

Bikers are aware that there are things on the road that they might affect them. But something small like that, you wouldn't think it would be a big deal. Grass clippings on the street can make it slick, and it can be very dangerous. When you ride a motorcycle, and your wheels go right over a patch of it, it can cause you to lose control of the bike, and that could lead to an accident, injury, and possibly death.

Grass mowed on the street can be a misdemeanor. But you could be held liable for any damage but was caused. Even if you own the property but someone else did it, you're at fault.

This is similar to snow blowing your driveway snow out on the streets and sidewalks in the winter. If where you put causes an accident, you could be liable.


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