Well, it finally happened. The Minnesota Twins played their first baseball game of the 2020 'COVID' season. 

I knew I was going to be excited, leading up into the game, but I wasn’t sure exactly how I would feel. I always look forward to opening day for the Minnesota Twins. Even during the bad years, opening day was still special. Because it was a new year and anything could happen.

But of course, this year was different. A national pandemic like the COVID-19 coronavirus can do that. But I was pleasantly surprised how quickly my feelings became the same feelings I've always had with the opening day of baseball. It just felt normal.

By saying normal, that does not mean there weren't those moments where reality didn't slap me in the face. Of course, that happened. Just watching the players and coaches with masks on, and seeing an empty stadium - reality checks were frequent all night. But outside of those occasional and distinct moments, everything was strangely status quo. 

It's surprising how easily you can forget about the troubles in life when you watch a baseball game.

It certainly didn’t hurt that Max Kepler started the 2020 - 60 game season - with a home run off the first pitch. That helped lead the Twins to their first victory of this abridged season. Hopefully, there is at least another 39 of those this season.

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The Minnesota Twins in the Shortened 2020 Season

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