There is a website called "Only in Your State", and usually it has things that are sort of remote in Minnesota... things that you may feel interested in.

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Today it was focused on a store right here in St. Cloud, well, Waite Park to be technical.  Crafts Direct.. a gold mine for anyone who is crafty, or wants to be, or is looking for fun holiday decor.  It's great.  I always find something there to do, see, take home, eat or create.  Or all of the above.

They may be exactly right, too.  Because of the size, and everything there is to see and shop for at Crafts Direct, you could spend a good portion of your day there.  The website says this about it, and it's fairly accurate too.

See?  It really is something for everyone!  It's the winter, and people... if you're like me, find a lot of inside down time.  Time for a DIY project to keep you interested for the 7 months of winter... ok.  That's an exaggeration.  6 months of Winter.