Before you Google something ridiculous, keep in mind that you represent our state. A website called Satellite Internet went through Google's data to find out what people in each state disproportionately searched for on Christmas LAST year.

So, what did we Minnesotan's Google last Christmas? "Target Christmas Hours" Apparently, we forgot to buy gifts for someone. By the way, the answer to that Google question is "no, it's not open on Christmas Day.


Here's what some other states Googled.

  • "Liquor stores open near me" - Colorado
  • "Is Starbucks open Christmas?" - California and Missouri
  • "Last minute Christmas gift ideas" - Alabama
  • "Is The Grinch real?" - Texas 
  • "Kardashian Christmas card" - Wyoming
  • "Is Santa Claus real?" - West Virginia
  • "Where to buy coal" - Ohio
  •  "What Is Christmas?" - Alaska and North Carolina