When people think of Minnesota, the first few things that come to mind is probably snow, or the number of lakes around the state. There’s a decent chance that they may think about the Vikings, Twins, Timberwolves or Wild depending on how big of a sports fan they are. 

It’s also possible, but not as likely, that the first thing that comes to mind for some people when they think of Minnesota, is the toaster. Or maybe “scotch tape” or “post it notes”. It could also be “Tonka”, “Pizza Snack Rolls”, or the game “Twister”. 

With just a quick Google search, you’ll learn that those things are just a few of the products that were created or invented here.  

Which brings me to this interesting contest from the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, they are holding a contest to find the “Coolest Thing Made in Minnesota”.  

Manufacturing is the single largest private sector part of the state’s Gross Domestic Product.  The state’s chamber says that in 2015, Minnesota manufactures exported $120 Billion in goods.  

42% of the Fortune 500 companies in the state manufacture products. And here is a nice little nugget, manufacturing workers took home nearly $25 billion dollars last year, making the average salary almost $77,000 per year.  

Nominations are open now for companies who manufacture products in the state. Other than the product having to be made in Minnesota, the other guidelines that must be met are that the business must have been operating for at least the last two years, and have a NAICS code of 31 or 33, I’m sure those in business will know what that means. 

Businesses do not have to be a member of the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce to be nominated.  

The nominations will close on Monday July 15th. Then the first bracket of nominees will be announced on September 3rd for public voting that will run through October 4th.  The winner will be announced on October 8th at the 2024 Manufacturers Summit.  

Click here for more details on how to get a company nominated.  

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