There's a ton to do at the Benton County Fair every year. When it's raining, there's still a ton to do both inside and out. Here's a few things that will make your rainy visit great.

Rain or shine, the Benton County Fair goes on. There can be some great benefits to going while it's raining outside, and still have a great time, especially given the smaller crowds during that time.

Go on a ton more rides with little to no wait. There's not a lot of people desiring to ride in the midway when it's raining. Seats are wet and overall it's a little muddy. There's a whole different experience when you don't care that you're wet, it's actually pretty fun! Get an unlimited ride armband and take full advantage of as many rides as you can.

Hang out at the beer garden. There's a mini-party going on when it's raining. Any weather is good for drinking beer! It's a great area to socialize, and again, isn't very busy. The beer garden is covered and you'll stay nice and dry.

Get up close with the animals on display in the indoor buildings. There's no rain inside and the Benton County Fairgrounds have a couple buildings with exhibits, animals, and seminars going on. There's the livestock barn, Heritage Building, Discovery Building, and a few others. You can spend a couple hours looking at everything indoors when it's raining.

There's a LOT going on at the fair each day, and most of it is rain or shine. To see a full list of everything going on each day at the fair, click here to see the schedule.

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