I've heard it many times, that vinyl is by far the best way to listen to music. There are authentic sounds that only vinyl can relay versus CD's and tape. I curious what the 'must have' record is for a collection?

It was quite a surprise the other day to hear that my wife bought a record player and a couple albums on vinyl, since she's generally a 100% radio or streaming music listener. Albums can be bulky in quantity, easily scratch, and a record player takes maintenance. It's so much easier to listen to pretty much anything you want through streaming, or just turning on your radio to get your fill of music. It's the world we live in these days!

Vinyl is making a huge come back, and some various stores around St. Cloud are starting to stock up on albums of all kinds. Not only is the sound unmatched, but the album art can be crazy cool too! So I'm excited to do some shopping to get some really cool albums that are known for some amazing sounds to it.

That's where I'd love to get your advice on some albums that I should look for. It doesn't have to be of a specific type of music, as I'm into most any type of music other than death metal. I know one album that I plan to get right away is Pink Floyd's "The Wall", but what else should I try to get my hands on? I'll be sure and post all the suggestions in case you are interested in adding to your collection!

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