A semi driver loses their plastic tarp cover and sticks to your vehicle going 60 MPH...what do you do? This happened in the Twin Cities, and you have to see this. After watching the video below, think to yourself what you'd have done in this situation.

It's a whole different story when looking at the video above, thinking "that would suck!", but in reality...what would you do?

Suddenly, while going 60 MPH down a highway, something that's hard to see all of a sudden engulfs your vehicle and you can't tell if you're going straight, left, or right. You might instinctively hit the brakes and panic, or would you swerve to try to get this thing off your car?

The driver of this vehicle obviously did the right thing. They were paying attention and saw this way going to come right at them and slowed down as it engulfed their SUV. Luckily there were no injuries that , just a lucky driver who did the right thing.

This is just a reminder that paying attention on the roads is important at all times. Another driver who was not paying attention may have looked up and suddenly saw this covering their vehicle, and panicked, not knowing what direction they were going. In that case you'd likely hit another car, or roll in the ditch.

Let this be a lesson to you the next time you decide it's OK to take your eyes off the road. ALWAYS pay attention to what's in front of you, and drive defensively.

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