As a born & raised Minnesotan I cannot for the life of me understand the state's infatuation with Sweet Martha's bucket full of Chocolate Chip Cookies at the State Fair. #Average #Blasphemous

Don't get me wrong, there 'fine,' but Minnesotans lose their collective mind over what I deeply feel is an average, every-other-day cookie. I've never understood the craze. Take a fresh, hot Chips-Ahoy and you've got the same damn thing.

In 2016 it was been reported that SMC made over $3-million in twelve days. I'd be happy if Sweet Pete's (anything) could make $3000.

And yes, I'm from MN -- and I fully understand that I'm going to Land of 10,000 Lakes hell for speaking my mind on this, but I'm hoping I will open the door to others who will now feel comfortable about speaking their cookie mind. (Or is it just me?)

At the annual dozen-day celebration of over 500 food offerings at over 300 concession spots, what's the big deal over the average cookie? They had to move into a bigger building this year for crying out loud.

Is it the plastic bucket? Is it the following all the others? Is it the the all-you-can-drink milk truck?

I'm not a hater, I just don't get it.